#ClubSagradoCafé : A cup of panamanian specialty coffee in Panama

The world know Panama

Panama is country known to be almost the center of the world, due to its geographical location and attractiveness as a place to visit. Who could imagine that such a very small-“s”-silhouette land be so rich in so many things that anyone from anywhere feel it like home?

Besides all the technical-scientific details about my country, coffee is a deep conversation topic here. Through some of the world history Panama had its very own moments, in business, agriculture and society. Still a young country, Panama has earned recognition through several products “born and raised” locally and proudly shared with the rest of the world. One of them, of course, is coffee.

The world knows very well the result of our land, our environment and the hard work of many people at the coffee estates: a great coffee bean, rich in aroma, flavor and personality. Beloved by many and unknown to others, several Panamanian specialty coffee brands keep their commitment in a very good way through coffee festivals and competitions around the globe.

Geisha – La Huella, Cafe De Panama at the London Coffee Festival 2015.
Along with all that success of the Panamanian coffee spread though the media, there’s a local panorama waiting to grow. How come a country where some of the world-awarded specialty coffees come from, not have – at least a basic – local coffee culture through its own world-awarded Panamanian specialty coffees?

Panamanian Specialty Coffee in Panama

What am I saying? Am I crazy? Maybe, however I chose the find a solution or solutions. I just couldn’t stand that being in Panama it’s so hard to get a cup of our own world-awarded Panamanian specialty coffees. I don’t want to get into technical numbers but keep it basic: I want my Panamanian people to discover, know and understand why the world loves many of our Panamanian coffees.

It all started understanding the position of coffee in human’s life: everyone loves it or drink it at least once in their lives and most of the social moments shared by humans happened while enjoying a cup of coffee. It’s not about snobbery or debriefing every single cup you drink but having just a well done cup of coffee while a conversation can make that moment more enjoyable and memorable. So that’s the basic, along with all the biological benefits coffee give us on every cup. Besides, there is a social and economic panorama to be learned, cared and supported. From a single person who plants the seed to the barista who serves your cup at your favorite restaurant/coffeehouse, there is a chain of people who supply through this industry and deserves our support, respect and even enrollment to make it better.

On the other hand, quality is a key for coffee. So much hard work by so many people deserves to be the very best final product from-the-estate-to-the-cup of the consumer. Talking about quality, from my point of view, has to do with a lot of things to make a very good coffee happen as well as to be profitable for everyone involved on making it happen.

Why? Because!

Why commit to a change on an industry that is already doing well exporting? Some will say is pure patriotism with a slight twist on economics and a pinch of naivety. I believe Panamanians deserve to discover a new panorama of jobs based on “made by Panamanians for Panamanians” to inspire a new breed of proud and prosperity to our local market. The rest is all about education and developing the principles of our local coffee culture but that can’t happen through local products bought locally from foreign brands.

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